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Dr. Devi is a Prosthodontist with additional training in Dental Implants Surgery and 25 years of private practice experience. Dr. Devi was awarded DDS degree from prestigious Loma Linda University, CA. In addition, Dr. Devi completed three years of additional academic training on Prothodontics (MS from University of Alabama) & three years of additional academic training on Oral Implantology (MS from California Implant Institute).

Experience: 24+ Years

Phone Number: 623-556-5510

I am a Prosthodontist with additional three years of rigorous training from University of Alabama Birmingham & two years of additional academic training on Oral Implantology from California Implant Institute. The graduate Prosthodontic program trained me to handle the most clinically challenging cases. I have undergone 12 years of rigorous dental training to provide you with specialty level care and you will be pleased to receive the highest standards of care from me.”

My Practice Philosophy

Through many years of university education and continuing educations, I was able perform the right treatments for my patients. Probably, developing the right treatment plan could be the most challenging aspect in patient care and it could be the making or breaking part in any treatment protocol. For a successful treatment outcome, patient who is the most important person in my practice needs to be listened and understood completely in terms of their “wants and needs”. This allows for a desired functional and esthetic outcome and guarantees patient satisfaction in the end. This kind of “patient centered practice philosophy” helps me to put patient and their dental health as the priority and produce exceptional results every time. My patients enjoy my warm and caring bedside manners, easy going personality and jovial nature. I strive to provide them with the best treatment to my ability.


  • DDS – Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA (1998)
  • Implant Fellowship – New York University, NY (2005-2007)
  • MS Degree – University of Alabama Birmingham (2010-2013)
  • Prosthodontics Residency – University of Alabama & Veterans Hospital (2010-2013)  
  • Masters Degree (Oral Implantology) – California Implant Institute (2015-2018) 

Experience & Membership

  • Private Practice, Arizona (2013-Current) 
  • Private Practice, New Jersey (2000-2010)
  • Member, American College of Prosthodontics  



  • Shreedevi Thulasidas. “Complications with fixed full arch All-On-4 concept based treatments”.California Implant Institute Report(2020)
  • Shreedevi Thulasidas., et.al. “Influence of Implant Angulation on the Fracture Resistance of Zirconia Abutments”. Journal of Prosthodontics, (24) 2015. 127-135.
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