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General Dentistry in Surprise AZ

As a general and family dentist, we have a comprehensive knowledge about a wide range of dental conditions, diagnostics, procedures, and technology. We treat people of all ages, from children who just developed their first teeth to elderly patients who may need options to replace missing teeth. Dentist and our team prioritize preventive dentistry, meaning checkups and cleanings.

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Reducing Risk

Our goal as your dental care professionals is to partner with you to reduce your potential for needing restorative dentistry, like fillings, crowns, and bridges. We will provide you with information and tools to maximize the effectiveness of your daily home care routine, and we will let you know about dental health concerns at your checkup. Oftentimes, addressing oral health issues in their early stage allows for the most conservative and inexpensive treatment.

The most important part of preventive dentistry is attending regular checkups and cleanings.


Every six months, you need to visit your Dentist for a dental checkup. At this visit, we will assess all of your teeth and existing dental work, as well as your gums and soft oral tissues. Your jaw joints, head, and neck will also be evaluated for any abnormalities. We will take x-rays and photographs of your mouth. Then Dentist will review her findings, using the images to show you areas of concern and explain treatment recommendations.


Like checkups, dental cleanings should be attended twice a year, or more often if advised by the hygienist or dentist. At your cleaning, the dental hygienist will inspect your gum tissue and determine whether periodontal pockets are present at the base of your teeth. Periodontal pockets of 3mm or greater indicate the presence of gum disease, a potentially harsh, progressive condition that requires immediate treatment. The hygienist will suggest deep cleaning if you show signs of gum disease. She can also share tips for improving your oral home care regimen.

Kids Dentistry

We love children! And we love our job, because it involves making them smile. As your general dentist, we will partner with you, the parents, to help your children enjoy optimal oral health and bright, beautiful smiles. Kids need to visit the dentist shortly after the eruption of the first tooth, then annually until age four, when six-month cleanings can begin. Should you ever notice any abnormalities in your child’s mouth, please call for an appointment — don’t wait for the next scheduled checkup.

Laser Dentistry

We use a special laser to scan teeth for decay and the precursor to decay, called demineralization. The laser tells us the location and extent of a cavity so that the most conservative treatment may be administered. When we find and treat demineralization or tooth decay in the earliest phases, treatment is minimally invasive. In some cases, we can fill topical cavities without administering any anesthetic.


If your sleeping partner has mentioned that you grind your teeth at night, you’re a bruxer. The condition of clenching and grinding teeth is called bruxism, and it can occur in children and adults. Without treatment, bruxism damages tooth enamel and can lead to tooth sensitivity, breakage, or wear. In addition, it may lead to TMJ disorder and/or malocclusion. Dr. Brinal Bhatt treats bruxism with a non-invasive, comfortable oral appliance called a night guard. This device keeps upper and lower teeth from touching, thus eliminating the ability to clench and grind.

Gum Therapy

If at your dental cleaning the hygienist finds evidence of gum disease, she will suggest a deep cleaning. This procedure is twofold. First, she will scale your teeth to remove calcified plaque, called tartar or calculus, from below your gum line. Second, she will smooth your teeth roots to eliminate rough spots where plaque can build up over time. In addition to scaling and root planing, a deep cleaning may include administering antibiotic to the periodontal pockets to eradicate bacteria so that the gums may reattach to the teeth. Gum disease is a chronic condition with varying levels of severity. A regular maintenance routine will be important to reducing your potential for flare ups.


As a last resort, when a tooth cannot be saved, when a wisdom tooth is impacted or causing occlusion problems, or when teeth are crowded and there is not enough room in the mouth, extraction may be advised. We offer simple & surgical extractions in our office. We will take every measure to ensure your comfort during the procedure. We use techniques to loosen teeth prior to their removal, which helps to reduce tissue trauma. After the treatment, Dentist will provide you with specific instructions to follow for prompt healing.

TMJ Therapy

Doctor will assess the position of the bones in your jaw joints to determine if there is any misalignment. Improperly seated temporomandibular joints can cause a number of symptoms and side effects. Patients may grind their teeth, have headaches, earaches, jaw pain, or hear clicking and popping when opening and/or closing the mouth. In some cases, the mouth will not fully open or close. TMJ therapy can also lead to tooth wear that results in malocclusion, breakage, cracking, or crazing (web-like surface cracking). To treat TMJ disorder and relieve painful symptoms, Doctor may suggest an oral appliance, orthodontic therapy, or building up back teeth with crowns.

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