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Our Surprise Family Dentist Office

We’ll open your eyes… not just your mouth!

At Surprise Family Dentistry we offer twenty-first century technology to make your visit as painless and comfortable as possible. We achieve this by providing the following technologies:

    • Advanced Computer Systems

You’ll find advanced computer systems that both help treat and teach you about your oral health.

    • Intraoral Cameras

Mini cameras that go into your mouth to help visualize what’s there. You can actually see what the doctor is talking about!

    • Digital Sensors

Digital sensors utilizing the lowest levels of radiation available.

    • Identafi Oral Cancer System

Advanced Oral Cancer detection technology based on high speed high resolution optical processing technology.

    • Laser Dentistry

Denmat SOL Diode Laser for gum treatment and other dental procedures.

    • Pro Select Platinum Scaler

Pro Select Platinum Scaler is designed for ultimate patient comfort. Reduces the need for anesthesia for most patients and has the ability t o deliver desensitizing agents during use.

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