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Painless Tooth Extraction

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“Does Tooth Extraction have to be a painful and traumatic experience?”


Surprise, Sun City: Tooth extraction is perceived to be the most painful procedure by almost every patient. Their concern and anxiety is expressed by the typical question “Is it going to hurt me when you pull my tooth?

Dr.Forbes explains that patients are usually very apprehensive about tooth extractions as compared to other dental procedures like fillings or dental crowns. Dr.Forbes feels that patients should talk to the doctor prior to the procedure and ask all their concerning questions and the doctor should take the time to listen to their concerns and properly address them. Patients should be managed depending on the degree of anxiety felt by the patient of the upcoming tooth extractions.

Oral sedation is an excellent way to calm an extremely nervous patient who would then cooperate and handle the procedure very well when properly sedated. Some patients require IV sedation if the procedure they are going to get done is extensive. Patients should also be managed during extractions with adequate local anesthesia.  An experienced and compassionate doctor can administer injections almost painlessly with thin gauge needles. Also patient’s pain after the procedures should be managed with proper amount of pain killers.

Some patients are terrified of extractions and indefinitely postpone needed treatment. Many times, extractions are a necessity if there is a broken or infected tooth or because of underlying periodontal disease. Postponing the dental treatment may lead to infections and other complications leading to emergency room visits. Hence Dr.Forbes  recommends getting the treatment done on a timely basis to avoid infections and unnecessary pain.

Tooth extractions can be a totally painless procedure if managed correctly at all phases. Please contact us at (623)556-5510 if you are considering tooth extractions and you need a compassionate dentist to take care of you. We are located in Surprise and we serve patients in Surprise, Sun City West and Sun City. We do provide oral sedation and we treat dental phobia.

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