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Replace Your Old Mercury Fillings with Metal Free fillings

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Surprise, AZ: Many patients still walk around with old so called “Silver” or “Amalgam” fillings. Several years ago, it used to be a common practice to do amalgam filling when a tooth structure gets destroyed by a big decay. These kinds of fillings are done to seal the tooth after the decay has been removed. […]

Broken down teeth? Implant Supported Teeth may be a solution for you

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I have bad teeth? What are my options? What do I do with my very badly decayed teeth? My whole mouth is rotting away, what can I do? Terrible teeth, what are my options? I have bad teeth, what can be done? Should I pull all of my teeth and get dental implants? Many patients […]

Oral Cancer Screening

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Surprise, AZ: We have incorporated latest technology in early detection of Oral Cancer. When found early, oral cancer patients have an 80 to 90 % survival rate. Unfortunately 40% of those diagnosed with oral cancer will die within five years because the majority of these cases will be discovered as a late stage malignancy. Oral cancer […]

Painless Tooth Extraction

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“Does Tooth Extraction have to be a painful and traumatic experience?” Surprise, Sun City: Tooth extraction is perceived to be the most painful procedure by almost every patient. Their concern and anxiety is expressed by the typical question “Is it going to hurt me when you pull my tooth? Dr.Forbes explains that patients are usually very […]

Dry Mouth or Xerostomia

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Due to an ever-expanding list of drugs causing dry mouth, xerostomia is becoming commonplace. The normal resting (unstimulated) rate of salivary secretion in adults is between 0.3 and 0.5 ml per minute with a normal stimulated rate of between 1-2 ml per minute. In severe cases of poor salivary secretion (hyposalivation) there may be no […]

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

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Below I’ve included responses to some of the more common questions patients have about cracked teeth: Why do Teeth Crack? Cracked tooth syndrome is a very common problem., usually affecting teeth that have large fillings. The decay and subsequent filling weaken the remaining tooth structure. Like all materials, teeth are subject to the forces of […]

Dental Implants Restore Smiles and Confidence

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When you are missing one or more teeth, the way others view you and your self-image are negatively affected. You may hide in the background of pictures or simply refuse to smile. Whether from tooth decay, gum disease, or an injury to the mouth, if you have lost a tooth, Surprise Family Dentistry can help […]

Are You Afraid of the Dentist? Try Sedation Dentistry

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Few of us will admit to not being a little anxious about going to the dentist. However, for some the prospect of just entering a dental office cripples them with fear. There’s a world of difference between the dental phobic and the patient who experiences a little apprehension just before a procedure. The classic sign […]

Diagram of Gum Diseases The Warning Signs of Gum Disease

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If you suspect you may have gum disease, please take a moment to read over these early warning signs. If you notice any of the following symptoms, please visit your dentist immediately. Gums that bleed when you brush or floss (ie. do the bristles on your toothbrush miraculously turn pink right after you brush) Gums […]

Dentist Wearing a White Coat Tips for Finding a Great Dentist

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If you’re looking for a great dentist near you, please take a moment to read over our suggestions for weeding out the bad ones! Check with your friends and coworkers; seek out personal recommendations. Call your local dental society or state dental board. Inquire about their credentials and membership in organized dentistry. Check with organizations […]

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