ALL ON 4 Implant Implant Supported Denture in Surprise AZ

ALL ON 4 Implants – Implant Supported Denture is a Predictable Treatment

ALL ON 4 can be a predictable and successful treatment if it is well planned and executed from start to finish. This implant based treatment modality gives a lot of  hope for those patient who has hopeless, un-salvageable invisalign services in San Francisco, CA . When I meet patients seeking this treatment, most of them have a story to tell and they are very sad and frustrated about the condition of their. I start the treatment planning process with a CBCT scan that gives me an accurate information about their current bone volume that helps me to determine whether the patient is a candidate for ALL ON 4 Implants in the first place. A CBCT scan also gives me a three dimensional view of jaw anatomy to locate any infection or disease progressing in their jaw bone. I only perform guided surgeries which makes my surgery very predictable and safe. When patient’s trust me with their treatment, I make sure I do the best for them by utilizing the latest technology of guided surgery. Every patient’s mouth condition is unique and treatment planning varies. Being a specialist, I don’t believe in cookie cutter treatment offers with one fixed price. I sit with my patients, go over the CBCT scan with them and do the treatment plan and explain everything in detail. In the end, patient accepts a treatment plan that fits their budget and clinical condition of their mouth. My philosophy is to do everything I can to maximize the treatment results for the patient. Searching for an expert dentist for cosmetic disease near me is a good idea to see the reviews and make a decision about it. You can also try to get appointment in  invisalign services in San Francisco, CA

Once patient accept the treatment plan and is ready to start the treatment, I do a detailed treatment planning using specialized software where I work up the optimal implant position and angulation based on patient’s bone volume and future teeth positions as it is a professional dental care procedure. Then I proceed towards making a surgical guide which help me to execute the plan precisely on the day of surgery. The use of surgical guides and proper planning using a CBCT scan avoid any surgical errors which can have an adverse effect on the implants or the final teeth. The right retainer care is very important post braces.

My patient’s age range from 24 to 91 and they may be on different medications. Patients medical conditions and current medications are carefully reviewed and patients are prepared to go through the surgery and postoperative healing period for a successful outcome. Detailed patient instructions and medications are given well before surgery date. 

My philosophy of “measure 10 times and cut once” always works for patient’s benefit. My surgeries goes very smooth because I have done all the planning and preparation before surgery. My patients heal with minimal postoperative pain and complications. In most cases, patients have a temporary prosthesis while they heal so that they can continue their normal life and work routine. Patients are ready for the final beautiful teeth in few months after the healing phase. In my opinion, ALL ON 4/ALL ON 5/ALL ON 6 is very predictable and extremely rewarding treatment option for patients if it is planned properly and executed with precision. It brings me a lot of joy to see my patients with beautiful smile at the end of their treatment journey.

Dr.Devi DDS.MS.FICOI is a prosthodontist and implantologist and her educational background is very unique. Dr. Devi do comprehensive ALL ON 4 treatment from start to finish, including ALL ON 4 reconstructive surgery and final prosthesis. Dr. Devi is in charge of your treatment from start to finish. This avoids patient transfer between offices and doctors.  Our patients are always proud of their new beautiful smile and stable bite.